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Some Of The Factors You Need To Consider Before You Buy A New Graphics Card

A video card is the one thing that will cost your computer the most if you are an editor or a gamer. A video card will mean everything to you especially if you are a gamer. You will want to get the best video card and the one that allows you to play your games flawlessly without lag and without your computer restarting. Video cards and graphics cards are the same thing so whoever thinks that they are different obviously doesn't know what they are talking about. So if you need a video card then you should visit newegg.com they have so many video cards and they are cheap as well.

The price of a video card can range anywhere from $25 to $900. Video cards come with a fan and their own processor so they know when to turn on the fan and start cooling down the graphics processor; they will also normally come with a heat sink on the chip so it can displace any unwanted heat from the chip while you are using it. You will want a video card that has at least 256mb of memory if not then you should get one that has 512mb so that you can play your games with ease. Most people these days are running an SLI ready motherboard which means that they can use two video cards at the same time without having to use two computers. This makes the speed of the video so much faster.

When you are buying or ordering a video card you need to be sure to get the right kind of video card that is compatible with your computer. If you have an AGP interface a PCI express will not be the right video card so you will have to send it back. The AGP slot has speeds of 4x and 8x where as the PCI slot has 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x so think about that if you had an SLI ready motherboard with dual PCI express video cards, that would be nuts and you would be getting the best picture quality in town.

You will also want to think about the brand of your video card you will either want to get an Nvidia or an ATI. Both types of cards are very good I use Nvidia just because I already had the software on my computer because that's the type of card my computer came stock with. It is harder to get the card to work and it will take longer to install if you bought a card different from your stock one. So if you open your computer and see that you have an ATI then you wouldn't want to go buy an Nvidia because it would take forever to get all the software off the computer to be able to upload the new software and use the new video card. So just use the brand that your computer comes with it's probably the best for it.


The Best Way To Identify The Make And Type Of Your Computer's Motherboard

A computer's motherboard connects all the internal components of a computer to operate as a single system. It is the foundation of all the different internal components that operate in your computer. The central processing unit or the CPU and the socket that it accommodates, these are thing that are not interchangeable and are the most crucial aspect of all computers. You should know the specifications of your computers and its processing unit before you can upgrade your computer memory.

There basically three ways to check out the type of motherboard you computer runs on, whether it is an Intel Motherboard or an ASUS Motherboard, you need to determine its make to update it accordingly. The first way is to check the basic information about the computers operating system through the system information window. The second way to get the details is by downloading a hardware diagnostic program to know the type of computer hardware it runs on. You can download the free diagnostic tool available online to confirm the make and the make of the one that you have. And another way of identifying your computer's motherboard is by opening the computer case. Though it maybe much easier to identify using a software but it is also possible to identify them by reading the labels and tags, model number and the information printed on the motherboard itself.

CPU-Z is the lightweight hardware tool that works best to identify the model of your computer's motherboard and runs from an executable file that doesn't need to be installed and can be downloaded easily. After getting to know the type of motherboard your computer runs on you can easily upgrade it using the type of video card and sound card that works for it. As without knowing the basic details about it would be difficult to upgrade it and enhance its functionality and performance.

Computers are designed in different shapes and with different processors and features. But one thing common in all is the computer case. The computer case is a hard structure which incases all the computer components depending in the type of computer you buy and the style differs accordingly. The main thing that you need to look in before buying a computer is its ability to upgrade and the type of components it is made of.

Most computer owners prefer buying the LCD monitors with their computers as they have a bright display and are unrivaled when it comes to viewing feels and multimedia presentations .You can choose a LCD monitor or a normal one regardless of which type of motherboard you use. Your computers functionality depends on its upgrading capability all depends and the type of motherboard that you use and not on the type of monitor it has.


Strontium Micro SD Cards

Micro SD cards are one of the smallest removable flash memory card formats designed specifically for small devices, mainly used as phone memory. Smaller than miniSD cards, and also based on the SD card format, microSD memory cards measure roughly 15mm x 11mm in size - about the size of a little finger fingernail.Older devices support only Micro SD cards while the latest devices support both Micro SD cards and Micro SDHC cards.

Micro SD cards can also be used in SD-compatible devices via an SD adapter. Micro SD cards are becoming increasingly popular because they are so small and slim and mobile phones and the minute MP4 video players are increasingly using this innovative space saving technology.


A Micro SD card's speed is measured by how quickly information can be read from, or written to, the card. In applications that require sustained write throughput, such as video recording, the device might not perform satisfactorily if the SD card's class rating falls below a particular speed.

In early SD cards, the speed was measured with the "×" rating, which compared the average speed of reading data to that of the original CD-ROM drive. Currently, the official unit of measurement is the Speed Class Rating, which guarantees a minimum rate at which data can be written to the card.

The newer families of SD card improve card speed by increasing the bus rate. Whatever the bus rate, the card can signal to the host that it is "busy" until a read or a write operation is complete. Compliance with a higher speed rating is a guarantee that the card limits its use of the "busy" indication
Different Speed Classes

The Speed Class Rating is the official unit of speed measurement for SD cards. The class number guarantees a minimum write speed as a multiple of 8 Mbit/s (1 MB/s)

These are the ratings of all currently available cards:

Class 2 : 2 MB/s Speed
Class 4 : 4 MB/s Speed
Class 6 : 6 MB/s Speed
Class 10 :10 MB/s Speed

Common applications for Speed Classes

Class 2 : H.264 video recording, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 video recording
Class 4: MEPG-2 (HDTV) video recording, digital still camera (DSC) consecutive photo shooting
Class 6: Mega-pixel DSC consecutive photo shooting, professional video camera
Class 10: Full HD video recording, HD still picture consecutive shooting


How to Fix PC Speed Fast - Your Ultimate Guide

Amongst the many computer health problems that you may experience, perhaps the most common and the most annoying is how to deal with a slow PC. This is particularly true when you are hard pressed to meet deadlines and your PC is your lifeline. You can fix PC speed fast on your own that will save you not only time but some of your hard-earned dollars as well. Here's how.

�Delete all unnecessary files in your computer that eats up space and slows down your computer. There are several ways to clean jinks from your computer.

You can start by emptying the recycle bin where your deleted files are stored. Average users may think that when they delete files from their computers, they are gone forever. What they don't know is that these files go to the recycle bin and stay there until you empty the bin. After deleting the files and you are sure you no longer need them, empty the recycle bin as a way to fix PC speed fast.

Another way to get rid of junk is to use the disk cleanup utility that comes with your operating system. You click on start>accessories>system tool>disk cleanup. You can also optimize your browser. For internet explorer, click on tools>internet options>delete browsing history>delete all , and tools>internet options>delete cookies, files, and history for older versions of IE. For Mozilla Firefox, click on tools>clear private data>clear private data now, and for Google Chrome, click on the icon that looks like a screw driver >clear browsing data>tick the items you want cleared or clear everything.

�Uninstall programs that you no longer use. Aside from eating space in your hard drive, default installation of these programs makes them start up automatically as your operating system starts. They practically compete for your system memory and therefore slow down your PC. Remember though to do a clean uninstall of these programs by using their respective uninstall utility. You can also access the control panel of your windows and go to add/remove programs and uninstall the program. Remember to restart the computer to ensure completion of the uninstall process.

�You can fix PC speed fast by cleaning your PC's registry as most of the slow PC speed issues are registry related issues. The registry is the core of your operating system as it tells what program to launch and run and how to run these programs. It is where all the important files and settings are stored ready to be used by your operating system to run the programs in your computer. When these files are missing or corrupted, the programs may not function correctly and slows down your computer considerably. To resolve this issue efficiently, it is highly advisable to get a proven reliable registry cleaner that will effectively detect and eliminate all errors in your computer that will not only bring about a faster PC but also maintains the stability and good health of your computer. Search online right now for your reliable registry cleaner.


Renting Computers For Your Business Meetings


Renting computers for your business meetings is a strategy that many people have been following in recent times. It makes sense to a certain degree with the current recessionary times, although there are some people that exclusively use this type of strategy in lieu of purchasing computers for use in the business. These are people that have very specific reasons for this and you really need to understand what those reasons are before you determine whether the rental strategy is one that can work in your specific case.

Frequent Updates

One of the biggest reasons that people go through the process of renting computers for business is that they feel that they are going to be updating their computers on a regular basis. When someone is updating their computer on a regular basis, what you will find is that buying a computer is going to get too expensive. If you want to replace the computers in your business once every year or two, you really need to be aware of what is out there and have the financial flexibility to make the moves when the situations actually arise. To that end, it is definitely a good idea to stay in the flexibility of a rental agreement if you are going to be updating the hardware in your business meetings on a frequent basis.

Minor Use

Another good reason to go the path of a rental is if you only expect to get minor use out of your business meeting computers. This is actually something that can happen when you temporarily need more computers than you have. This might happen in a business meeting and for that reason the person running the meeting would rent some computers for the purposes of the meeting. Some agencies will allow you short term rentals which are very cheap in comparison to the price of the computer. For that reason, you can save a bit of money when you rent the computers for your business meetings as opposed to actually going ahead and purchasing one or more extra units.

Short Term versus Long Term

The main thing to keep in mind regarding renting computers for your business meetings is that the main crux of the argument is short term versus long term. If you are looking to make some short term moves with the computers that you acquire, renting them will give you the flexibility to drop them for others. If you are looking to make a long term investment into a really good computer system, making the outright purchase is probably the better idea. At the end of the day, that is the simple way of distilling every rent versus buy argument that is currently going on.


Is renting computers for your business meetings a good idea? Ultimately, only you can really answer that question. Take into account what was mentioned above, do some more research and then formulate the plan you feel is best for the overall health and prosperity of your current business model.


Selecting Computer Components

When you're buying a computer you should think about not just the quality of the internal peripherals, but also the quality of the peripheral ones that either come with it or are available for it to let you to get the most out of the whole multimedia experience.

Computer components, from printers to web cams, are an essential segment of our computing lives and activities, if not the most central one, depending on our needs and necessities. When you are faced with needing to select components, think about a few aspects before making your purchase: functionality, price/quality combination and the purpose they will have to perform.

So, when purchasing a printer, you should consider why you are purchasing it. For example, if it is meant to be an office printer and it will be mostly used to print out contracts and papers, then the optimum choice is an all-in-one printer that can print, scan and operate as a fax machine at the same time. If however you would like a home printer typically to get copies of your digital photos then considering a colour printer is a must and maybe you ought to consider getting a laser one too.

The keyboard and the mouse are first in the computer-user affiliation and they also add a touch of individuality to your private computer. Browse for a complete set-up that may incorporate a mouse pad and endeavor to match them with the colour and shape of your computer case - even a clear computer case. These days, optical and wireless mice are the optimum choice, so buying a wireless multimedia keyboard would be a fit too.

Nowadays, clear computer cases are all the rage and they really do seem very advanced, depending on how they are illuminated. These clear computer cases go really well with a computer on which video games will be played a great deal. The clear computer case is usually made of acrylic and is totally transparent, meaning that all the internal peripherals are visible. The clear computer case is usually 'themed', that is it has a principal colour in the acrylic, most frequently red or blue. The case is then lit up by a chain of theme-coloured LEDs which fire when particular events occur (for instance, when the CD drive is spinning.

Communication with cherished ones is frequently done through the Internet. So, why not make it just right by purchasing a web cam to permit real time interaction between friends and family? Furthermore, you will need a microphone to be able to hear and see your loved one at the same time and then you can talk as if he or she was in the room with you.

There are numerous kinds of computer components on the market: external hard drives, loud speakers (from miniature to extremely large), real 5.1 systems, scanners, card readers for your digital camera and many more. All you need to do is make a list of the uses you need your PC for and then go shopping for the required components for each of those uses. Whenever those requirements can be combined, as with the printer/scanner, you must try to do that to get around using up a great deal of space.


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